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Partnership Criteria

If your organization meets the following criteria, please contact Second Harvest for partnership information:

1. The applicant organization must be tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Federal Internal Revenue Service.

2. The applicant organization must provide feeding service(s) without exclusion to the ill, the needy, and/or infants without regard to race, color, creed, religious affiliation, age, sexual preference handicap, sex or national origin.

3. The applicant organization must have been operating a structured feeding service for the needy for a minimum of 6 months, serving a minimum of 50 individuals per month. Verifiable documentation is required.

4. Applicant organizations that serve meals or snacks on-site (such as snack programs, soup kitchens etc). must be Serv-Safe certified.

5. The feeding program must operate regularly with set days and hours at least twice per month. On call service is optional however regular days and hours are required. Exceptions are allowed for school-based organizations.

6. Thermometers are required at the initial visit and permanently kept in all compartments of refrigeration and/or freezer spaces. A daily temperature log should be used to ensure proper temperatures are maintained. Thermometers must in place prior to submitting the application to Second Harvest for partnership.

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Become a Partner Agency
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