September 2022

What do you do when you can’t feed your 2-year-old son? Alejandra’s husband tries to get extra hours at work when they’re available in his construction job. Unfortunately, COVID has kept that to a minimum. That’s when despair could creep in. “He’s donated plasma when we really needed the money. He’s really done more than anybody has done for me my whole life and we work as a team to get things done. We work together to find a way to make money,” Alejandra said.

Sometimes their teamwork means real sacrifice. “As long as my child eats, that’s what matters to me,” Alejandra said. “Me and my husband, we can go without but if he’s good, we’re good.”

Resourcefulness and sacrifice are essential when things get tough. Sometimes, even that’s not enough.

“At one point, it was really bad to where I had to go to Social Services and have bills paid and then come here to SOCKS, because I just didn’t have enough in the house to feed us,” she said.

Thanks to your compassion for young families like Alejandra’s, they’re able to get the groceries they desperately need through SOCKS Crisis Ministry, one of our agency partners in Gaston County.

“SOCKS is like, ‘You need food. We’re going to help you. Especially right now with COVID and stuff,’” Alejandra explains. “SOCKS and Second Harvest have definitely been there for us. Obviously, you guys have done a lot for families like mine and a lot of people that I know who have come here,” she said.

Full of gratitude, Alejandra says to you who support Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina, “I would personally love to meet these people, honestly. I would love to meet every single one of them and tell them thank you, because there’s been times when me and my husband were stressing about food in the house, and I come here and get what we need. I pray for people like them.”

Our Neighbors In Need Are Counting On You

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